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Featured Books


This sweet and unique story by Wendy Mass was one of my favorite books that my mom read to me in elementary school. Don’t be intimidated by its 464 pages! This book is magical, full of mystery, and has a valuable message of teamwork and friendship.

By: Wendy Mass

"My Many Colored Days"

This is one of my favorite books to read in the classroom. My Many Colored Days was written by Dr. Seuss, but he wanted to use a different illustrator to bring his story to life. The book uses different colors to represent the various moods and emotions that all people feel.

By: Dr. Seuss

"The Way I Feel"

“The Way I Feel” is a fun and colorful book that teaches children to process and understand their various emotions. This book encourages open conversations, promotes self-expression, and declares that feelings should not be suppressed!

By: Janan Cain

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